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We have been reviewed, and in the end the wedding couple chose my vows.


Poetry - A Personalized Gift

A personalized gift or toast you can give for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, retirement or funeral. I can create personalized wedding vows for you based upon information you provide to me for only $49.95.

Mary Ann

What is it that you give someone,
Who seems to have it all?
A chapter of one’s life in rhyme,
So easily recalled.

With so many websites out there,
Why should you choose mine?
Please click some of my samples;
I’m sure you’ll love the rhyme.

Just tell me about the recipient,
And, of course, about the occasion.
Together you and I will come up
With a masterpiece creation.

I’ll take your words and feelings
And create a custom poem;
Recalling all the memories, which
  Are yours, and yours, alone.

A Wedding or Anniversary,
A Birthday, or
Shower Toast,
Valentine’s Day, or Apology,
Or Retiree’s Clever Roast.

Whatever the occasion,
A gift that’s true and fine
Will have you coming back to me
Time, after time, after time!

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Custom poetry - a personalized gift from Special Occasion Poetry