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What are the pros and cons of free wifi

There are various pros and cons of providing free wifi access in public places.

The pros are:

  1. Not everyone is able to afford a 3G or 4G connection
  2. It saves money of common people who need an internet connection but are unable to afford one
  3. Students are able to refer to eBooks as well as online learning methods. Youth can check various videos with regards their studies, curriculum, projects and more.
  4. People who are DIY enthusiasts are able to take up various projects by themselves and thus save money which otherwise would have gone towards paying contractors, masons, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and so many more professionals.
  5. Downloading of data as well as browsing is extremely limited in India as the tariffs are very high
  6. In emergencies, this is great as people are usually stranded without communication means.
  7. Using the internet people has been able to develop a lot of their skills. Free wifi helps those who are middle class or lower class people as they are not able to afford unlimited internet access.
  8. Security measures can be implemented so that cyber crimes and hacks can be prevented.

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  1. There is a lot of money which is spent on infrastructure and managing the cost of providing free wifi.
  2. When lots of people use free wifi the speed decreases
  3. There are increased threats of hacking when public wifi is used
  4. Sharing of confidential information is frowned upon on these free wifi connections


There are a lot of benefits and advantages of free wifi but people should ensure that they use it and exercise caution and be vigilant as well. Else their security could be compromised and they would find their personal information being leaked.

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