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What are some of the queries people have regarding equipment for playing disc golf

What are some of the queries people have regarding equipment for playing disc golf

Since disc golf is a sport which is not very common, there are a number of questions people have with regards the equipment for playing disc golf.

A Beginner first of all does not need to start experimenting on different discs and especially they do not need to try out the various high speed discs. They need to know how the lighter weight discs need to be thrown before they get the feel of it.  If it is a child that is learning, that is a child between the ages of 6 and 12, they will do well with light equipment for playing disc golf such as discs which weigh around 135 grams or even lesser ones than these.

equipment for playing disc golf

If the disc golfer is experienced, then he or she would use different discs for various purposes. There are those which are used for driving, for approaching as well as for putting. However, those that are learning the game can use the same disc set for all purposes. This has a midrange, putter as well as a fairway driver. For tee shots, a driver is used or even long fairway drives. The mid-range disc is used when approaching the target as well as for short upshots. The beginners should choose those discs that are lighter as they will get better results from it.

When buying equipment for playing disc golf, the person will realize that at the bottom of the disc there is a number mentioned. This is the disc weight in grams. The letters which are seen symbolize the abbreviations.

Beginners who want to use plastic, should use DX as these are not costly as well as they get easier to throw as they begin o wear. There are different kinds available as well.


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