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What do you know about Cooking Dash

What do you know about Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash is a time management and fast paced game which consists of Flo who is a person who wants to cook and become a celebrity chef. This game helps you to sharpen the skills you have as the menu items are being prepared, cooked, assembled as well as served. There is a live studio audience and you get a lot of cheers and gasps as well as you earn a lot of profits with each of the episodes. However, there are various kinds of customers. There are superstar VIPs as well as quirky customers and all this brings about fast paced action as well as a lot of TV fame.

This game has hundreds of different episodes and there are various kinds of restaurant shows like there is the crazy Taco Train, Vegas Themed Table steaks as well as so many different kinds

cooking dash cheats

If you want to go ahead in this game and get more famous as well as more successful you need to use the profits to upgrade the appliances and food in the restaurant. There are fancy prep stations as well as shiny stoves and so many more appliances so that the customers can get the best service they deserve.

As every player wants to excel in the game and outbeat their peers, there are a number of cooking dash cheats as well as cooking dash hack which can be resorted to. These cooking dash hack android as well as iOS versions are available. There are even tablet versions which can be used.

With these cheats and hacks one can choose from getting a handful of coins, a starter pack, a bucket or stack of coins. You can even choose to get a case of gold, a handful or bucket of gold or even you can get a starbucks promo.

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