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Is there some alternative to Carrageenan?


Many people have started believing that Carrageenan is a poisonous additive and can push you to death. But do you think that is true? What exactly is this additive? What does it do and what is the alternative to it? From your toothpaste, favourite almond and chocolate milk, to your yoghurt, it is everywhere not because it is nutritive but because it is the one which makes your ice cream, ice cream by giving that texture and by holding the ingredients together. Your toothpaste might not be as stable and useful without Carrageenan as it is now if Carrageenan is skipped. The best part of the story is there is no such alternative of Carrageenan which is as good as this small additive, which has gained lot of unfortunate light recently because of a report which was conducted on its other family member.


Reality about Carrageenan

No taste.No odour. This Carrageenan gives the food item shape and easily gets blended with other flavours. Unfortunately recently when the other family member of its was named as degraded Carrageenan, people got confused and took it that they are consuming something harmful, whereas the fact was it was referred for poligeenan which is used for non food and industrial purposes. This wrong terminology created an impression on people that they are not safe and they started quitting their favourite items. So even the researchers renamed it as poligeenan.

Final thoughts

There is no alternative of Carrageenan because no one needs it. It is safe and has been used since ages at homes for cooking food. Natural, sustainable and responsible ingredient this can be used in future in every item ranging from.frozen yoghurt to toothpaste. Trust this second analyses by the researchers, because it is important to clear confusion from air.

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