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All you want to know about USB Flash Drive Recovery

USB Flash recovery software is needed as there are people who face problems regarding data loss. This USB Flash recoveryhelps in recovering of deleted files, it helps in recovery of lost files which are caused due to the software crashing, formatting as well as damage. In addition it recovers files which are deleted or lost due to virus attacks or due to reasons which are not known.

Using the USB Flash recovery software one can recover videos, photos, audio files, emails, documents and more.

The data loss scenarios can be :

  1. When the files are carelessly or mistakenly deleted and they cannot be subsequently found in the trash or recycle bin
  2. When the files are lost when transferring from the USB drive to other devices due to reasons unknown
  3. When the USB Flash drive is not unplugged after the computer has been shut down
  4. When the drive has malware or a virus and that results in the files getting either deleted or hidden.
  5. When the drive files are inaccessible

USB Flash recovery

There are sometimes that the USB drive does not show up

  1. This happens due to plugging it in and out as well as high temperature, magnetic interference or physical damage.
  2. The USB device in CMOS could also be disabled and therefore it does not show up. This is done usually in public computers for the safety of the device. Once the setting is changed in CMOS, it usually starts working.
  3. When the driver is not correctly installed, the USB drive does not show up. This happens if you cancel the installation process when the USB drive is inserted.
  4. Sometimes the USB port power supply is not sufficient and so the indicator does not flash on and the data on the device is not accessible.

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